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The Dharma Jerks / Dub Pistols / Compilation Bars en Trans 2017

Béchamel Cha Cha
Béchamel Cha Cha

Boogaloo aquatique, jerks hawaiens, cochonneries diverses..

Horaires :
Mardi : 04h00-05h30
Samedi : 19h00-20h30 (Direct)
La même en bleu

The Four Seasons : Don' t think twice

Jeanne Hayes : Loving a siamese twin

Tina Robin : Play it again

Titus Turner : Bla bla bla cha cha cha

Zen Fuller : Doomsday

Porter Wagoner : Rubber room

Sheldon Allman : Little black things

Moses Longpiece : Slide her under the door

Gino : Grouch

Ben Cooler : Louisiana trapper

Donnie & The Outcasts : Bounty hunter

Don Randi Trio : He said she said

Lone Twister : The Lone Twister

Tommy Bruce : Monster Gonzales

Damal & Rasheed : Arriba

Los Dinamitas del Twist : Oye lo que te digo

The Keytones : I was a teenage monster

Wayne Sherwood : Moon step twist

Mike Lawing : Chimpanzee ride

Joe E. Ross : OOh ooh

The Hardly-Worthit Players : Mellow yellow

Ian Whitcomb : Poor but honest

Mae West : When a man loves a woman

Kathy Berberian : I want to hold your hand

Alain Ricard : I like sex

Brute Force : Tapeworm of love

Neil Innes & Son : Cum on feel the noize

Captain Milk : Hey Jude 

The 18th Century Concepts : Happy together

Programmation Gagabo d 'excellente qualité

The Olympics : Big Boy Pete

The Marathons : Peanut butter

The Southlanders : Torero cha cha cha

Los Dandies : Dracula cha cha cha

Linda Valdes : Linda muchachita

Juan Garcia Esquivel : Mucha muchacha

Los Matecoco : Viejo yeye

Eduardo Davidson : By George

Shao Fong Fong : I love a go go

The Crazy Birds : Guaraches con tacon

Ronnie & The Ronnies : Beestjes

I Giganti : La bomba atomica

Los Brincos : Borracho

Roberto Carlos : E proibida fumar

Os Santos : Tres garotas

Mike Ibrahim & The Nite Walkers : Chock chock kundong

Los Ovnis : El ovni

Het : S. O. S.

Los Burros : Es mejor que corras

Joe Bonty : Sad shape

Troy Sondell : Na-Ne-No

Jesse Pearson : One last kiss

Bernadette : The Slosh

Mrs Miller : Granny bopper

Tiny Tim : Be my baby

The Bantams : Twist & shout

Teddy & Darrel : Hold on, I' m coming


Quelques petites évidences substantielles

Rick Saucedo : Reality

The Beach Boys : Celebrate the news

Perls Before Swine : Frog in the window

The Monkees : Shorty Blackwell

Colours : Rather be me

Bohemian Vendetta : Deaf, dumb & blind

The St Louis Invisible Marching Band : Hey Joe

The Mugwumps : Season of the witch

The Standells : I hate to leave you

The Gang of Saints : Yes it' s too bad

The Wylde Heard : Take it on home

The Sons of Joseph : It won' t rain on me

The Substantial Evidence : Death angel

Joel Tessler : Why

The Movement : Just a driftin'

King' s English : It could be bad

The Swingin' Apolloes : Chained & bound

Little Bit of Sound : Girls who paint design

Emperor' s : And then

Smockestack Lightnin' : Look what you' ve done

Spirit : No time to rhyme

Mouse : Mouse

The Humane Society : Eternal prison

The 13th Floor Elevators : Don' t fall down

Sandy Nelson : Pandora' s golden heebie jeebies

Uchtrube partout

Sir Henry & His Butlers : Pretty style

The Troggs : The raver

Boudewin De Groot : Ken je dat land

Elly Nieman & Rikkert Zuiderveld : Aladin

Kirka : Hetki lyö

Los Pasos : Los amos

The Shangaans : Liwa wechi

The Tropicals : Mwad 's

Jorge Ben : Descobri que eu sou um anjo

Os Mutantes : Ave Lucifer

Os Steamers : Sera assim até monor

Junks & The Angels : The message

The Sover Group : Poso m' agapas

Pesymisci : Mowilem jej, ze ja kocham

Illès Zenekar : Szerelem

Ronnie Schutte : Ze zegge

Zalatnay Sarolta : Egy szot se szotj

The Rattles : Mr.

Can : Father cannot yell

Inner Space : Kamera song

Adam West : Wall of sound

Rien que du sable

Annette funicello : The battle of San Onofre

The Hollywoods : Teardropp in the sand

The Four Seasons : No surfin' today

Jan & Dean : The resyless surfer

Bobby Vinton : Miss America

The Shangri-Las : Remember (walking in the sand)

The Birdies : Hucklebuck 65

Kay Bell & The Tuffs : Surfer stomp

Jay Bentley : Watusi 64

The Ladybugs : Fraternity U. S. A.

Althea & The Memories : The worst record ever made

The Kingsmen : Don' t you just know it

The Mojo Men : Dance with me

The Swingin' Medallions : Hang on Sloopy

The Surfaris : Go go go for Louie 's place

David Clayton Thomas : Walk that walk

Fred Darian : Thay lucky old Sun

Billy Strange : These boots are made for walking

Lightning Red : Tequila

The Fireballls : Long green

Thee Midniters : Whittier Blvd

The Turtltes : Surfer Dan

The Beach Boys : Wild Honey

Annatte Funicello : California Sun

The Tokens : Swing

Don Fardon : On the Beach

The Idle Race : End of the road

Grapefruit : Theme for Twiggy

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